FAQ: Is a Personal Injury Attorney Optional?

FAQ: Is a Personal Injury Attorney Optional?
In three words: No, not really.

Is it good idea to pursue a personal injury lawsuit without representation by a qualified personal injury attorney? Not in the slightest. Accidents and injuries can be devastating in many different ways outside of the expected physical pain, mental anguish, and, in some instances, permanent disability or loss of life.

Challenges with Personal Injury Lawsuits

Obtaining just compensation for your injuries from an insurance company typically proves to be the most challenging aspect of a personal injury claim. Whether we're speaking about medical malpractice or slip and fall incidents, to an animal attack or product liability case, you will typically have legal justification to receive monetary compensation as a result of someone else's act of negligence and/or carelessness. Whether or not you'll actually recover compensation depends on the specifics of your individual case, as well as your legal representation or lack thereof.

Compensation for a personal injury can come from a claim settled outside of the courtroom, or by means of a formal lawsuit through the court system. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to file a personal injury claim, the most important decision you can make throughout the entire process is whether to hire an attorney. Individuals in these situations will weigh their options, looking at both the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer. In most cases where someone has been significantly injured by someone else's negligence, the pros that come with hiring a lawyer to pursue claims on your behalf far outweigh the cons.

Attorney Cost Myth

Most individuals, especially those who've never had legal representation, fear that the cost of hiring an attorney exceeds what they're willing or able to afford. Things like attorney fees, court costs, and a myriad of other associated charges scare most away from even contacting an attorney. There is a quick and easy way to dispel this fear and bring the truth to light. Nearly all personal injury attorneys work on what's called a "contingency basis." This simply means that the lawyer will not be paid any money or subject you to any legal fees unless you "win" your case or decide to settle out of court. Even then, you will have a prearranged agreement stating the lawyer receives a small percentage of the award compensation.

Sean Park Law offers free consultations face-to-face or via telephone, so you literally have nothing to lose but the apprehension of hiring legal representation.

Representation with Minor Injuries

Many victims of personal injury accidents are reluctant to hire proper representation because they deem their injury too minor to pursue. For example, let's say you were involved in a slip and fall incident in a department store; many would assume that this incident doesn't warrant a lawyer or lawsuit. Unfortunately, the department store (or likely their insurance company or risk management department) will most likely claim to not be responsible for your fall and your injuries. If they decide to make any payment to you at all, it will likely be an underwhelming amount that does not fully take into account all of your medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering and any other losses you may have experienced from your injury. Regardless of how minor your injuries are, you should still strongly consider scheduling an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney or, at the very least, make a quick phone call to discuss the specifics of your case.

There are many reasons why you should still consider hiring a personal injury attorney when you think the incident is minor:

  • Minor Injuries can easily become Major Injuries. Injuries can always turn out worse than originally expected. Minor injuries can quickly become major ones quickly and without warning. If you have accepted a settlement offer for a claim that you initially thought was minor, you're no longer legally eligible to pursue additional claims stemming from the accident for which you've already received settlement. We at Sean Park Law always recommend that you wait until the full extent of your injuries have been brought to light. That way, we know the appropriate time to accept an offer and what type of offer to accept.
  • You May be Entitled to Additional Compensation. Pain and suffering and emotional distress damages are always a possibility if your case goes to court. If you accept a settlement that does not include these types of compensations, you might be accepting a settlement that's incomplete or less than what you truly deserve. We at Sean Park law will investigate all aspects of your injury claim to make sure you're satisfied with the settlement and that you receive all compensation to which you are entitled.

Whether you're dealing with a small case or a serious injury, it is usually in your best interest to consult with and hire an attorney. Having proper legal representation is imperative because it ensures that you receive the full range of damages you're entitled to, your recovery compensation is maximized through expert negotiation tactics, and your case will be most likely taken more seriously by the liable parties with a lawyer on your side.

Contact Sean Park Today

If you have been injured in an accident and are not sure if your case would benefit from representation, contact Sean Park as soon as possible for a free consultation. Getting your case started quickly is imperative to the eventual success of your case. Do not put yourself through any unnecessary financial hardships and go through this process alone. Sean's clients appreciate how he helps alleviate the stress of the unknown – and you can rest assured that you are in good hands. You're already dealing with physical and emotional injuries and deserve the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced legal professional fighting for you.

Why Choose Sean Park?

Sean is a former prosecutor with 15 years of experience practicing law. Sean has an impeccable reputation and track record, and prides himself on the individual attention he provides to each and every client. Sean is nationally recognized as a successful personal injury attorney who obtains the best possible results for his clients. Sean knows what you have been through, appreciates his clients and will show you compassion and professionalism throughout every phase of your case.

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